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Some are dead, and some are living *

Synod worship in London is always slightly odd (the building is not exactly designed for it), and nearly always very moving. Wednesday began with a Eucharist, and we were observing the martyrdom of Archbishop Janani Luwum, killed by President Amin’s regime … Continue reading

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Let’s talk of love and change *

There are probably two things on the minds of most Synod members as we fight our way from the First Sunday of Lent to the First Day of the February Synod. One is change – what we call here R’n’R … Continue reading

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What did you learn in school today? *

It was the first day today, and the new students had a pretty exhausting time of it. An intensive induction programme covered so much ground that they would be excused if they stayed home tomorrow to recover. There was a … Continue reading

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We’ve only just begun… *

One of the interesting things about this Synod is that half of the lay and clergy membership are new. So – despite all the interest groups claiming they had a good election – no-one really knows how the new Synod will … Continue reading

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Who’s sorry now? *

We got seriously surreal this morning! We worked our way through a succession of largely technical legislative materials, finishing with proposals to alter the rules about who has authority to decide on disposing of church furnishings. Simon Cawdell from Hereford … Continue reading

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