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Oh, won’t you stay (just a little bit longer)?*

Preview of a Synod that meets on a Saturday! – safeguarding, Methodism, Bishops and more. Continue reading

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Where do you go to, my lovely?

Demonstrators and lobbyists greeted us this morning. The anticipation of this afternoon’s debate on the legendary report GS2055 was such that the other routine business of the morning passed by without huge enthusiasm or controversy. Eyes, ears and prayers were … Continue reading

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Won’t you listen to what the man said? *

Usually, arriving in London for the first day of Synod is a cheery experience. This Monday, it wasn’t. The mood is febrile, and people were very tense. For starters, I arrived late – I’d been to a funeral at home in … Continue reading

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There must be some kind of way out of this place *

With the momentous goings-on in Washington and over Brexit, this week’s dear old General Synod ought to provide some light relief. But I fear it will not be so, as we head for a really difficult  day on Wednesday, preceded … Continue reading

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She said “You don’t understand what I said” *

“So, what were the General Synod Shared Conversations like?” I’ve been asked that several times, but only now, with a week’s distance, can I attempt to reflect on how it went, what it means, and (big question) What Might Happen … Continue reading

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Please don’t ever change… *

The theme of Monday’s Synod was whether we really really want to effect change in the Church of England. At several points we found material that is the result of Renewal and Reform (as R’n’R is now known) being handled … Continue reading

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It’s not unusual *

At the end of September I was present in Wren’s spectacular St Paul’s Cathedral for the consecration of two female and one male Bishops. The old Prayer Book calls it The Form of Ordaining or Consecrating a Bishop, but Thomas … Continue reading

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Did you ever have to make up your mind? *

Small-ish discussion group at work at Lambeth Palace (or one-third of us, anyway) We weren’t locked in, but 22 of us looked slightly lost in the imposing Guard Room at Lambeth Palace this morning. The need to find space for … Continue reading

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Homeward bound *

It’s been a compact two-day Synod. Yesterday the atmosphere was strangely heavy – the weight of concluding the women bishops process (from now on, can we Do The Right Thing and just call them ‘Bishops’? Probably not just yet) was … Continue reading

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I’m on the pavement, thinking about the Government *

So, the King’s Great Matter has come before the Lords and Commons assembled! We can’t help it, but there are certain points at which the Church of England’s ‘Established’ role means we get mixed up with Parliament, the Queen, and … Continue reading

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