About bathwellschap

Spoof SBL Manna (2)

Spoof edition of diocesan mag to mark my departure from Wells

Welcome: this is my way of posting (entirely personal and unofficial) comments on the Church of England’s General Synod. No longer the ‘bathwellschaplain’, but still a chap from Bath & Wells, I’ve been a member since 2005, representing the clergy of the Diocese of Bath & Wells.

Use the pull-down menus or the links on the right to have a look around.

New posts will be flagged up on twitter@bathwellschap. Don’t expect floods of stuff, but occasional and opportune observations of what’s going on. Or at least, the bits of it I see. There are usually daily write-ups when Synod is in session, and there’s archived stuff from 2012 onwards, when I started this blog.

The Slightly Synodical area is spin-off stuff, rather than reports of actual meetings.

Me and my shadow

A shadow of my former self?

About me: Stephen Lynas, ordained in 1978, in Bath and Wells since 2001. Before that I was a curate, then worked in BBC and ITV religious programmes,  and did a stint at Church House on staff as Churches’ Millennium Officer. My last role was Senior Chaplain and Adviser to the Bishops of Bath and Wells and Taunton, but I retired from that in December 2017. I’m now about to find my feet as a non-stipendiary Associate Priest in the Glastonbury Jurisdiction (as we like to call it).

I have an occasional blog on other things – find it here.

 About those post titles

I tend to end up using (hopefully appropriate) titles or quotes from 60s/70s pop songs as titles for my Synod posts. The * at the top reminds you, if you can be bothered, to go to the bottom to see what the song is.


4 Responses to About bathwellschap

  1. Hi Stephen B Lynas. This is yr old pal Michael Povey

  2. Graham Leech says:

    Hello Stephen. Richard had pointed me in your direction on-line…
    Lots to pray for and about.
    We need to catch-up.

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