About bathwellschap

Cheerful chaplain in his office

Cheerful chaplain in his office

Welcome: this is my way of posting (entirely personal and unofficial) comments on the Church of England’s General Synod.

I’ve been a member since 2005, representing the clergy of the Diocese of Bath & Wells.

About the blog: use the pull-down menus or the links on the right to have a look around.

  • new posts will be flagged up on twitter@bathwellschap
  • don’t expect floods of stuff, but occasional and opportune observations of what’s going on. Or at least, the bits of it I see.
  • there are usually daily write-ups, and there’s archived stuff from 2012 onwards, when I started this blog.
  • the Slightly Synodical area is spin-off stuff, rather than reports of actual meetings.
  • and there is a bit of non-synod stuff – mostly about trains, I’m sorry to say…

About me: Stephen Lynas, ordained in 1978, in Bath and Wells since 2001, and hold the role of Senior Chaplain and Adviser to the Bishops of Bath and Wells and Taunton.

About those post titles


Times change. Needed a new photo!

I tend to end up using (hopefully appropriate) titles or quotes from 60s/70s pop songs as titles for my Synod posts. The * at the top reminds you, if you can be bothered, to go to the bottom to see what the song is.

One day I will log them all for the equally sad (or curious), but you can always listen to Sounds of the Sixties on Saturday mornings…


4 Responses to About bathwellschap

  1. Hi Stephen B Lynas. This is yr old pal Michael Povey

  2. Graham Leech says:

    Hello Stephen. Richard had pointed me in your direction on-line…
    Lots to pray for and about.
    We need to catch-up.

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