Wishing you were here *

York Postcard

Rainbow over the University site on Saturday evening. Pretty, innit?

I’m observing the protocols we are using for the Shared Conversations here at York.

That means I’m not posting an update into what has been going on today. Sorry if you’ve had a wasted journey!

  • I may try to post once we’re all home and have processed some of the ‘stuff’ we’ve been thinking through.
  • If you want to be sure of seeing it (and future posts about the work of General Synod), just press the ‘Follow’ button down the right-hand side of this page. Easy-peasy.
  • You can see Andrew Nunn’s remarks on the Synod (published before we went into the conversations) here.

Specialist and nerdy

I continue to be staggered at the readership of this blog. Highlights have been

For a slightly specialist and (some would say) nerdy blog, that is pretty gratifying. And the list of countries is extraordinary: UK, USA, Australia and Canada, fair enough. But someone in Croatia, another in Finland… not to mention the Netherlands, France and Guernsey (thank you, Joan!) Particular thanks are due to those who have helped point you at me:

And, of course, dear old Twitter.

I’ll leave you with a picture of a spaceship that landed here a moody picture of the University Central Hall at night.

Nightime scene York

Central Hall is the circular disc with a reflection. The blue lights are the footbridge over the lake. Pretty, innit?

*   Wishing you were here: Chicago, 1974 If Wikipedia is to be believed, three of the Beach Boys sang on the harmony tracks. No, I didn’t know that either. Listen and see if you can hear them (if you see what I mean) – click here

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