Even the bad times are good *

Synod singing photo

(Probably illicit) photo of Synod at worship

Bathwellschap tries to give some background to debates and procedures at the General Synod. Some people think I am slightly sad to enjoy it all. But I do!

Have a look around…

  • the pull-down menus above will give you a (hopefully entertaining) flavour of recent Synod activities
  • or on the right you can look at past sessions write-ups by date
  • or click on a tag to see what I’ve said about it in various posts.

Why blog?

Well, I wanted to try and explain Synod to a wider audience. If that’s you, look here. (If you are a new member, that page may be especially for you.)

I’ll be posting a preview of our inaugural session (It’s on Tuesday 24 November and will be a right royal occasion) in my customary impartial, unbiased and entirely unofficial way.

If you’d like to follow me, you’ll get an automatic reminder when that happens and whenever I post new stuff. You won’t get swamped: this is very synod-focussed. Or you can pick up updates from Twitter @bathwellschap

Until then, look around the blog and discover why General Synod is good, even when it gets a little tense…


*Even the bad times are good: The dear old Tremeloes (minus Brian Poole) – a big singalong hit in 1967

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