Jam tomorrow, but never jam today

Jam-maker at work

Marmalade factory

On Saturday 22 November, Lewis Carroll will be proved wrong, as we’re having a JamFest at our house.

Most readers of this blog are General Synod friends of some sort, and I hope they will forgive this trespass on their kindness…

It is a fund-raiser for the MS Trust, a body that Caroline (my wife) holds in very high respect for their practical but research-based support for MS patients like her.

Marmalade factory

Marmalade factory

Naturally, we’d love to see you on Saturday. That’s pretty well impossible for most of you, so may I encourage you to go to our JamFest justgiving page and you may feel you’d like to chip in a little…

JamFest FlyerThe jams are fairly unusual – hedgerow fruits loom large as do garden produce-related things like…

  • Damson Jam with Sloe Gin
  • Spicy redcurrant jam with Orange
  • Blackcurrant and Redcurrant jam with Cinnamon and Cloves
  • Loganberry and Whitecurrant jam
  • Damson Jelly with a dash of gin
  • Clementine Marmalade with Cointreau
  • Seville Orange Marmalade with Chilli

The last one comes in two styles: ‘hint of chilli’ and ‘chilli kick’. You have been warned.

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