Here it comes again, that feeling…

Living just ten miles from the Glastonbury Festival site, and with a mega-event of our own to arrange (the farewell to our retiring diocesan Bishop), I’ve only just caught up with the General Synod papers.

Obviously the King’s Great Matter is back: we are to spend Saturday in facilitated discussion groups, and then vote on how to proceed anew on Monday. Much as I like 60’s music, I do hope it won’t be like listening to Classic Gold – we need some new tunes here. There will be some Mafia-style ‘omerta’ around the discussion groups, so I won’t be reporting anything verbatim. But I’ll try and give a flavour.

There’s a characteristically sharp analysis of where we are now from Bishop Pete Broadbent on his blog; and some entertaining comments on it at Thinking Anglicans here.

Elsewhere, other business continues. It’s hard for us soft Southerners to know how to handle the Yorkshire dioceses proposals, which will keep us busy on Monday afternoon. And I’m going to take a keen interest in the Safeguarding debate on Sunday afternoon…

Mind you, there is another great gathering attraction in York next weekend…

Hmmm…. what’s a man to do?

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